Image by Linda Spiars

Jose Romero is a Phoenix based portrait photographer. Along with his obvious love for photography, he also enjoys hunting for old film cameras in antique shops, spending time at the park with his dog and writing his 'about' section intro in the third person. 

I spent a lot of time going from hobby to hobby, always looking for a creative outlet. After failed attempts at becoming a world famous DJ and injuries resulting from trying to become a respected breakdancer, I picked up a camera and found what I had been seeking. Photography has been my outlet and a way to connect with those around me. It started with me simply wanting to document my life, waking up at 24 years old and realizing you only had a handful of pictures saved on a single CD-R can be a real eyeopener to how many memories you've failed to capture. Soon after buying my first personal camera I realized that not only is photography about documenting something special, it's about creating something special.

Over the years I have focused on learning as much as possible, from digital imaging to film photography and processing, creating images is something I truly enjoy and am passionate about. The last few years that passion has helped me connect with some amazing people through teaching and sharing what I do. I hope to continue to grow as a photographer and help others find a love for photography along the way.

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